The Itzamná
The Itzamná
The Itzamná
The Itzamná

The Itzamná

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Itzamná, the main Maya god who created fire and the Earth, was the ruler of the heavens, the day and the night. Itzamná gifted the Maya people the arts of weaving, literacy, medicine, science, art, sculpture and agriculture.

How to Choose a Belt Size based on Trouser Size


Yaxa Size Guidance 

Extra Small: 26-28"
Small:  28-31"
Medium: 32-34"
Large: 34-38"
Extra Large: 36-40"
XX Large: 40-44"

General Belt Information

Size can vary slightly as this is a handmade product.
Over time, leather belts tend to stretch. It’s good to keep in mind that a belt that fits snug initially will likely wear more comfortably down the road.

Yaxa Dog Collar Size Guidance 

Small/Medium:  13-18"
Large/Extra Large: 17-22"

Yaxa Hat Size Guidance 

Adjustable Hat: One Size Fits All.