About Yaxa

Yaxa celebrates high-end craftsmanship and slow fashion with each of its spirited belts. Weaving was the means by which the Maya communicated their thoughts and feelings about the natural world, how stories were told, and histories recorded. Woven textiles and leather goods played a central role in civil and religious ceremonies. Everything from the spin of the yarn, to the symbols woven into the textiles, to the colors used and the techniques served to convey a wealth of meaning about the weaver and where she came from.
We at Yaxa feel strongly about the preservation of the Maya culture, legacy and creative processes through the safeguarding and promotion of dying art forms and ancient techniques such as weaving, leather-making and embroidery. Furthermore, we are committed to our local partners and seek to create opportunities for our network of artisans. We work closely with Maya artisan communities in the Guatemalan highlands who provide for their families and through their craftsmanship and whose livelihood can improve significantly when given the right opportunities.
Our collection combines the talent of Maya weavers with the deep-found love of the ancient culture by its three founders. In 2013, we three met at the University of St Andrews where many adventures began over the course of our four undergraduate years together. Following a trip to Guatemala in 2018, we fell in love with the rich history that the Maya people wove and wore on their persons daily. Then after fielding innumerable questions from admiring friends and colleagues back home in London and New York, we knew the time was right to channel one of our founders family heritage and bring Yaxa to other discerning waists across the UK, Europe and USA.