Yaxa is a fashion brand from Guatemala, bringing you handcrafted leather belts and accessories for the modern day traveler. Each piece is handwoven, handbranded and handmade by the Maya in the Guatemalan highlands.

Weaving was the means by which the Maya communicated their thoughts and feelings about the natural world, how stories were told, and histories recorded. Woven textiles and leather goods played a central role in civil and religious ceremonies. We hope that by highlighting and sharing these histories through our products, that it motivates those to travel and experience the many beauties that Guatemala has to offer.

Our network of artisans we support are uplifted through our fair trade practices, as well as academic and healthcare initiatives put on by our network of partners; positively impacting the wider communities and living standards for the artisans and their families. In addition, we are committed to our local partners and seek to create opportunities for our network of artisans on a regular basis as we are able to with the support of our customers.

Our goal since day one here at Yaxa was not to build the biggest business, but a business with loyal customers who shop with us year-after-year, who we learn to know by name, and often become our friends. We talk a lot about being an uplifting company — through our product, our spirit, our generosity, and the value we create. We hope you feel that when you interact with us and wear our yaxa goods.